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Does Stoner Molding Have a Catalog?

Yes, we do. In fact, we have one for every industry we serve. You can find those catalogs on our website.

How Long has Stoner Been in Business?

Stoner Solutions was born in 1942 when Paul Stoner launched Stoner Ink Company in Quarryville, PA. In the following years, Stoner underwent lots of expansion, innovation, and new products that are now supplied by Stoner Molding, Stoner Critical Cleaning, and Stoner Car Care—all under the umbrella of Stoner Solutions.

What Types of Products Does Stoner Molding Manufacture?

The Stoner Molding product line includes Mold Releases, Mold Sealers, Mold Cleaners, Rust Prevention, Lubricants, and Specialized Cleaners—molding solutions for many different industries!

What Industries Does Stoner Molding Serve?

The industries that use Stoner Molding products include Thermoplastics, Polyurethane, Composites, Rubber, and others. 

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