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Extend Mold Life with the Best Mold Release Lubricant

Sticking parts, excessive wear, and premature failure of your molds can lead to manufacturing downtime, productivity loss, and ruined molds. You deserve better products for your industrial molding operation that keeps ejector pins moving easily and protects molds and tools stored between production runs.

Since the 1950s, Stoner Molding Solutions has been known for its mold release lubricants that solve these productivity problems and keep operations running smoothly. Try our mold lubricants today to see the difference they’ll make in your industrial process.

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Mold Lubricant Benefits

Stoner Molding Solutions offers various lubricant formulations, including a heavy-duty, food-grade silicone lubricant and two penetrating lubricants that work well for multiple molds and machinery. No matter what type of material you’re molding, we have a mold lubricant that prevents sticking so that you can develop more parts in less time.

Whether you’re looking for lubrication that can complement your mold release agents or a stand-alone product to protect your tooling between uses, Stoner’s lubricants can provide the following benefits:


Reduce Friction

Reduce friction and prevent sticking with our mold-release lubricants for faster, quieter, and more efficient machine operation. Our penetrating lubricants carry a lubricating oil into the tightest areas to reduce stuck or frozen parts, so your molding operation can run smoothly.

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Repel Water, Taste, and Color

Our food-grade silicone lubricant repels water in a colorless, tasteless, and non-staining formulation—making it the perfect choice for materials like plastic, rubber, metals, paper, canvas, vinyl, glass, and foam. It meets FDA regulations as a lubricant with incidental food contact.


Make Molding Easier

Our penetrating lubricants are designed to clean, lubricate and protect most metal surfaces while penetrating between close tolerance parts to quickly dissolve and loosen rust, corrosion, dirt, and scale. This thin coating helps protect metals and prevent future seizing.

Industries that Benefit the Most from Our Mold Release Lubricants

If the mold you use is metal, it is highly possible to develop rust. It's challenging to clean once your molds develop rust or other corrosion. But if you can prevent rust in the first place, you not only save yourself from downtime but also from ruining your molds.

Apply a mold release lubricant to your molds between uses to form a protective barrier that prohibits rust and corrosion formation. In addition to creating a protective barrier, the mold release lubricant can loosen any existing dirt, scale, or rust so that your molding operation runs smoother.

Polyurethane, composite, rubber, and plastic industries worldwide depend on products from Stoner Molding Solutions to help increase productivity and decrease scrap parts. Whether that’s by using a dry-film or water-based mold release agent or choosing our mold lubricants to protect molds and ejector pins between uses, you can count on Stoner Molding to help your business.

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So much of everyday life depends on the thermoplastics industry. From toys, kitchen utensils, and surgical equipment to water bottles and food packaging, molders of thermoplastic materials don’t have time to waste. That’s why so many of them depend on Stoner’s release lubricants to keep their manufacturing operating efficiently.

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As one of the largest suppliers of release agents in the cast elastomer industry, Stoner Molding understands the unique challenges faced by those manufacturers who use polyurethane. That’s why we have specially formulated releases, sealers, and lubricants that produce a consistent surface finish and reduce scrap parts.

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Easily optimize your composite molding process with high-quality products from Stoner Molding Solutions! Whether you’re molding massive wind turbines or boat hulls for the U.S. Navy, we have the molding products you need for consistent, reliable results. Check out our full range of rust preventatives, lubricants, and cleaners today!

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For those in the rubber industry, we understand that you face many molding challenges with this versatile material. Our mold lubricants provide just the right amount of slip needed for any application. If you want your rubber parts to release easier and have a quieter molding operation, just use Stoner’s mold lubricants.

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Why Choose Stoner Molding Solutions?

At Stoner Molding Solutions, we offer lubricants formulated for maximum protection of molds and equipment for the thermoplastics, polyurethane, composites, and rubber industries. Manufacturers across the globe have come to depend on our name for products that prevent the sticking, stretching, and tearing of their finished molded pieces.

You’ll find that our mold release lubricants and other molding products come in convenient packaging for you and your business. Whether you just need some aerosol cans or a 275-gallon bulk container, we have your needs covered.

Not only are we a leading supplier, but you won’t find superior service or quality from any other mold solutions manufacturer. Our unrelenting commitment to quality improvement earned us the ISO 9001 certification to ensure our customers get consistent, reliable products each time.

The experts who work for Stoner Molding Industries are courteous, professional, and knowledgeable. We welcome your toughest molding challenges because if we don’t have a product that delivers the consistent results you want, we’ll specially formulate one for you!

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For High-Quality Mold Lubricants, Contact Stoner Molding Solutions!

If you’re tired of ruined molds from rust and corrosion or squeaky machinery that produces parts that stick to the mold, it’s time you try Stoner’s mold release lubricants! These products are designed to address some of your biggest molding frustrations and extend tool life so that your creations come out perfect each time.

Stop wasting money on products for your molding operation that simply don’t work. Instead, trust the tried-and-true products made by Stoner Molding Solutions! Prove to yourself how well our products work by requesting a sample today!

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