Composite Solutions to Solve Your Molding Process Woes

When you mold composite parts, you may face issues such as sticking parts, styrene monomer build-up, and inconsistent surface finishes. These problems can lead to the production of inferior parts, requiring total scrapping and restarting. Eliminate these difficulties using the composite solutions produced by Stoner Molding Solutions.

With more than 80 years of experience in the mold release industry, Stoner Molding Solutions is here to help you find the right combination of releases,   sealerscleanersrust preventives, and  lubricants to maximize your production and increase your profits.

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We know that all these words sound promising—almost too good to be true. Almost. But here at Stoner Molding, we are so confident that our composite solutions will work for you, that we are willing to offer you a free sample to try. Once you see how fantastic our products work to improve your molding process, you’ll only regret not giving us a try sooner.

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Composite Mold Solutions for Quick and Efficient Processes

The composite industry produces various products, from massive wind turbines that power the future to boat hulls and automotive parts made from space-age materials like carbon fiber. But getting these products to market requires refined production processes that increase efficiency, reduce waste, and produce superior parts.

The composite solutions for your unique molding process may vary depending on the composite materials you’re molding. With a wide range of high-quality molding products, designers and engineers like you will be able to find the right molding products to optimize your production. Unsure which one is right for you? Just get in touch with us today for expert advice!

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Why Use Products from Stoner Molding?

Stoner Molding Solutions offers both semi-permanent and conventional external release systems designed to:

  • Work well under a wide variety of process conditions
  • Apply easily to optimize production
  • Produce a consistent surface finish and part appearance
  • Reduce pre-release, especially in larger molds, and increase cycles
  • Perform well for either high or low gloss applications

Stoner makes a mold sealer and releases for every type of composite molding process, including RTM, infusion, casting, filament winding, compression, carbon fiber molds, hand lay-up, SMC, and vacuum bagging with polyester, vinyl ester, epoxy, and pre-preg materials. No matter what type of composite molding you do, using our products will benefit your operation. Here’s how:


Optimize Production

When you have sticking issues that compromise the finished part's appearance, you need composite solutions to eliminate these issues. A combination of mold cleaner, sealer, and release agent can optimize your production cycles and decrease your defective parts.


Produce a Consistent Surface Finish

An inconsistent surface finish may affect the function of the product you’re molding, especially for high-value clients like the U.S. Navy and Coast Guard. Don’t compromise your composite mold results with inferior molding products. Instead, choose Stoner’s composite solutions for a consistent surface finish.


Easy to Apply

We know that time is money, so we make our mold release agents, cleaners, and corrosion-resistance products easy to apply. Some can be simply sprayed, while others require a quick wipe down of the product. Either way, you’re saving time by using products that are easy to apply.


For the Best Composite Solutions for Your Operation, Trust the Experts at Stoner Molding!

When you need industry-leading composite solutions for your operations, turn to the professionals at Stoner Molding Solutions. Designed by world-class chemists, scientists, and R&D experts, our compositing molding products are the best on the market. After over 80 years in the mold release industry, you can count on us to have the products you need and want. Request a free sample to try it out today!

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