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When molding plastic materials, you need the finished product to release quickly with minimal molding defects and a consistent finish. However, when inferior mold releases cause parts to stick to the molding surface or impact the product's dimensional stability, you waste time and money by having to scrap the parts and mold them again. Your thermoplastic and thermoset molding operations deserve better products.

Every molder wants to get as many releases as possible from each application—with less downtime and waste. That's why we at Stoner Molding Solutions have been creating molding solutions for the thermoplastics industry since the 1950s. We work closely with the Plastics industry to create ground-breaking products that reduce scrap and increase productivity.

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How Our Plastic Molding Products Benefit Your Production Process

Why would you spend your money on a product that doesn’t directly improve your process? The bottom line is that you want to spend less while producing more. Our high-performing mold release agents for plastic molding, along with our mold cleaners, rust preventatives, mold sealers, and mold lubricants, are specifically formulated and Engineered for the thermoplastics and thermoset industries. Your plastic molding production line can enjoy the benefits of :

  • Optimized cycle time
  • A consistent surface finish
  • Reduce or eliminate post-mold prep work before gluing, painting, metallizing, or welding
  • Minimized mold flow lines
  • Reduced scrap parts and lower production costs

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We know that you may be a bit skeptical about trying a new product to improve the productivity of your thermoplastic molding operations. But we are also a global leader in molding releases, flow promoters, mold cleaners, and other mold maintenance products. Just like dozens of other molding companies, you will receive massive benefits for your plastic molding process if you use these products.

These products will improve your final creation and increase both productivity and profits. We are so confident about the products that we would like to offer you a free sample upon request to prove how incredible our products are! Give us a call and we will help you find the right product that will provide the best outcomes, and send you a free sample to prove it!

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Industries Worldwide Rely on Our Release Agents

No matter what type of thermoplastic molding you do, we have a molding product for it! From mold releases with silicone and non-silicone formulations that provide an easy release to lubricants that reduce friction and make molding easier, you can count on Stoner Molding for several molding processes.

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Electronic cases, components, and cables all use thermoplastic’s incredible durability and insulation qualities for their best results.

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Durability and chemical resistance maximize safety and lifespan for aeronautic, nautical, and automotive parts manufacturing.

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Medicine products of all kinds can be made with thermoplastic molding, from pill bottles to heavy-duty x-ray equipment.

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Food and Drink

Food and beverage industries rely upon thermoplastics for a massive array of storage, handling, production, and packaging purposes.

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The construction industry makes frequent use of molded plastic goods in order to provide you with longer-lasting and safer homes.

Injection Molding

The thermoplastic injection molding process is ideal for high-volume, mass-produced products requiring thousands or even millions of parts, such as toys, kitchen utensils, medical devices, surgical equipment, bottle caps, and more. It is typically a cost-efficient, high-output, low-waste, and versatile endeavor. Challenges can come when thermoplastic injection molding machinery breaks down from excessive wear and tear. Our products help avoid these costly repairs and the downtime that will harm your bottom line. These challenges are why it's crucial to maximize mold performance with Stoner mold products.

Rotational Molding

Combining high temperatures and rotational movement, rotational molding can easily form an even-walled thermoplastic or thermoset component. Some products formed through rotational molding include Kayaks, coolers, bins, tanks, containers, road cones, and more. Rotational molding produces high-strength parts with very little waste, though it is a slower process than some other plastic molding operations. Choosing a mold release agent for plastic that keeps rotational molding operations moving efficiently is the key to success.

Extrusion Molding

While other plastic molding processes moves plastic into a mold, extrusion moves melted plastic directly through a die. The die's shape determines the resulting part's shape. This fact makes extrusion perfect for creating atypical cross-sections and guarantees a smooth finish on the end product. Preventing waste in extrusion molding is essential, and the right mold release agent, sealer, cleaner, and lubricant for plastic molding is central to that goal. Additionally, our coating products provide easier de-nesting of thermoformed parts which create internal cavities for extruded plastics.

Blow Molding & Packaging

Blow molding, designed for high-volume manufacturing of hollow objects, creates uniformly thin-walled products at a very low cost. It can be used to achieve shapes that injection molding can't support, but blow molding does require close tolerances where build-up on molds can interfere with, increasing waste. You owe it to your team to optimize your blow  molds with Stoner mold release agents and our other related products that are designed to reduce build-up and lubricant close points.

Thermosets and Thermoplastics: The Plastic Molding Families

The plastics molding industry can largely be divided into two types of molding: Thermosets and thermoplastics. These two families of plastic molding provide unique benefits and drawbacks to the created products. When you begin your journey towards scaling production, consider what category of plastic will best fit your production needs:


Thermoset plastic molding typically involves injecting a mixture of materials into a high-heat mold. This heat activates a catalyst that forms a permanent chemical bond. This type of molded part typically can’t be reshaped or recycled due to the chemical process, but the result is a heat-resistant and very durable item.

Thermoset materials include:

  • Epoxy
  • Polyester
  • Bakelite®
  • Polyurethane

While these products can be very strong and durable, the byproducts of the chemical reaction are Volatile Organic Compounds or ‘VOCs.’ Dealing with these byproducts is a unique challenge for molding at scale. However, less heat and pressure is required.


Thermoplastics are, in some ways, a simpler molding material. The base materials are melted down and injected into a cold mold. This is a 100% reversible and renewable process for most thermoplastics. Thermoplastic molding produces more flexible bodies and aesthetically pleasing surfaces on molded objects.

Thermoplastics include:

  • Nylon
  • Polycarbonate
  • Acrylic
  • ABS

Thermoplastic requires high heat and high pressure, which means the machinery involved can often require a higher initial investment than other processes. Additionally, the low heat-tolerance can restrict the reasonable uses for the produced goods.

Our molding products can help you maximize your plastic molding production. Thermoplastic and Thermoset molding products can present unique challenges in demolding, cleaning, and sealing. If you are a plastic molding company looking to expand your repertoire or create at a larger scale, come to the molding products company that knows how to enhance and build upon your process.

Why Choose Mold Release Products from Stoner Molding Solutions?

You want an efficient thermoplastic molding process with less waste and downtime. To do that, you need high-quality molding products that help improve your processes. The problem is that so many inferior products that are on the market can cause you to work more and create defective parts, making you feel frustrated.

When you work with us, you receive customized service and product experience that prioritizes cost-effective products that are tailored to your manufacturing process. We understand your molding problems, which is why we have spent the last 80 years Engineering and designing products to relieve the specific issues you face. Here’s how we do it:

Here’s how we do it:

  1. Talk to us about your molding frustrations—Tell us what problems you face and what specifications you have for the products you use.
  2. Try a free sample—We’ll send you a free sample of a recommended product so you can see if it addresses your molding challenges.
  3. Buy the products of your choosing—When you are convinced that our products are right for you, buy a full-size option on our website or by calling our customer service team at 1-800-227-5538.

So, get started by talking to an expert at Stoner Molding today! And in the meantime, feel free to browse our complete product listings in our plastic molding catalog.

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When you need products that can help your thermoplastic molding process run more efficiently, turn to the experts at Stoner Molding Solutions! We have various formulations that are right for your molding operations—whether you do thermoplastic injection molding, rotational molding, extrusion, or blow molding. With more than 80 years of experience, we have the products you need!

Our industry-leading experts, chemists, and engineers are here to listen and provide honest value to your business. We'll help you troubleshoot your process and recommend the right products for your needs. We can even work with you to create custom formulations tailored to meet your production requirements. All you have to do is reach out!

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