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How to Improve Part Appearance in Rotational Molding with RotoFlow®

Jan 18, 2021, 10:27 AM by The Stoner Molding Solutions Team
Back in 2015, our team of problem-solvers at Stoner Molding Solutions released TraSys 4000 RotoFlow® Resin Flow Enhancer for rotationally molded plastics.

Back in 2015, our team of problem-solvers at Stoner Molding Solutions released TraSys 4000 RotoFlow® Resin Flow Enhancer for rotationally molded plastics. Since that time, RotoFlow has become a must-have in countless rotationally molding operations working with polyolefin (including cross-linked polyethylene) and nylon resins.

Why? Well, we think our video right here is “worth 1,000 words” in terms of showing how well RotoFlow works in a real-world rotational molding scenario.

That said, today’s Knowledge Base post gives you the biggest reasons your rotational molding operation should consider incorporating RotoFlow into your processes.

Why RotoFlow?

In short, it’s the “small stuff” in rotational molding that ultimately makes the process successful, especially for parts with threads, deep cavities, tight radii, and other challenging fabrication factors. These more intricate parts are prone to coming out of the mold with various surface defects, like pinholes and thin areas.

Reduces Voids, Pinholes, Bridging, Thinning, and Static Lines on the Part Surface

Because RotoFlow is an advanced mold coating that facilitates the flow of polyolefin and nylon resin into hard-to-fill areas of rotational molds, it can virtually eliminate pinholes on the surface of rotomolded parts. It also drastically reduces bridging, thinning, blowholes, and static lines.

Reduces Waste

When parts come out of molds with fewer deficiencies, that naturally means less waste and remolding for your operation. Our customers who have incorporated RotoFlow into their processes have reported back to us the following impressive results:

  • Higher Part Quality
  • Increased Production Efficiency
  • Achievement of Higher Production Goals in Less Time Due to Diminished Waste

Improves ROI

Our goal here at Stoner is to help molders get better results and boost return on investment with every single one of our industry-leading products, from mold release agents and mold cleaners to rust preventatives and specialized processing aids like RotoFlow. Yielding better part quality and reducing waste, RotoFlow can create better efficiency for your rotational molding operation that shows up quickly in your business’s bottom line.

Safer and Environmentally Friendlier

Perhaps the best news about our Stoner RotoFlow is that it does not contain Class I or Class II ozone-depleting substances or chlorinated solvents such as trichloroethylene or methylene chloride. It is also free of CFC and HCFC propellants. Need more information about the chemical composition of RotoFlow? Our knowledgeable chemists are always happy to answer customer questions.

Easy to Use

RotoFlow is available exclusively in 13oz aerosol cans for convenient handling, storage, and use. An improved spray head on the packaging was added in early 2018 to provide better efficiency, more comfortable operation, and an enhanced spray pattern.

When We Say RotoFlow is Easy to Use, We Mean It

It bears repeating—RotoFlow is extremely easy to add to your existing process for molding nylon and polyolefin parts. In rotational molding, applying and curing mold release coatings correctly can be done in three main ways, which adds some degree of potential for human error (and waste) with every mold.

However, with RotoFlow, molders can typically spray a thin layer of this advanced mold coating and get right to work adding resin to the mold. Provided you’ve established a good spray technique, there’s really no risk of applying RotoFlow in a wrong way.

In fact, thanks to the upgraded nozzle on our RotoFlow spray canisters that we mentioned above, it can even be applied with the can held upside down! (Again, don’t miss our video at the top of this post to see this in action!)

Ready to Revolutionize Your Polyolefin and Nylon Resin Molding Process with RotoFlow?

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Our knowledgeable chemists and engineers are also here to listen, consult with you, and provide honest value. Request a free sample to test our products for yourself, or get in touch with us today!


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