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Which is the Best Mold Release Agent for My Product?

Jun 28, 2021, 15:56 PM by The Stoner Molding Solutions Team
Production delays from sticking parts and excess build-up on your molds can result in frustration and lost revenue.

Red rubber sheets being released from a black molding surface Production delays from sticking parts and excess build-up on your molds can result in frustration and lost revenue. However, when you choose the right mold release agent for your product, you can reduce many of these common production challenges, leaving you with perfectly released molded products.

Here at Stoner Molding Solutions, we are experts at helping you mold more parts in less time. Our complete line of mold solutions is specially formulated for superior quality and consistent performance. By knowing your industry and the product you need to mold, we can help you select the appropriate mold release for you.

Composite Mold Release Agents Maximize Production

The composite industry relies on producing superior parts while reducing waste to maximize production and profits. For this industry, Stoner Molding Solutions offers both sacrificial and semi-permanent mold release products. We have both options available depending on which polymer you are molding: epoxy, phenolic, polyester, or vinyl ester. Check out the list below for just a few recommended products, but reach out to one of our product experts for tailored suggestions.

  • Epoxy Polymers
  • Phenolic Polymers
  • Polyester and Vinyl Ester
    • Sacrificial Kantstick LM 35 Concentrate Mold Release is a versatile and practical release agent in a water-based system. It’s beneficial in the manufacture of friction parts, like brake shoes.
    • SacrificialP313 Release & Paint Mold Release allows products to enter a post-painting phase, decreasing downtime between steps.
    • Semi-Permanent - P59301 KantStick Cure Fast has a built-in sealer, so only three coats are required with a 15-minute cure time, maximizing product release on polyester polymers.
    • Semi-PermanentG494-QB Release, designed for polyester or vinyl ester resin systems, doesn’t require buffing, allowing for a quick molding process. For finished parts that are gel coated, G494 can also be sprayed.

Releases for the Polyurethane Industry Reduce Scrap Parts

When you need a high-quality polyurethane molded part, use Stoner Molding Solutions’ products to reduce scrap parts by selecting the right release agent for the type of product being molded. Stoner products allow you to produce more parts every day in your molding operation by preventing sticking and cracking.

You can use the following list of products as a reference, depending on the material being molded. Need more information? Feel free to give us a call for personalized service!

  • Cast Elastomers
    • TDIE236 Urethane Mold Release is an aerosol, silicone-based mold release perfect for various casting resins. The simple application allows parts to release quickly and easily, preventing sticking, so you have less waste.
    • MDI – Use Stoner’s G402 Nix Stix X-9032A for MDI’s. A focused spray pattern for precision coverage means fewer sticking parts.
  • Stoner Molding Solution’s M883 Polyurethane ReleaseFoam
    • Rigid Foam – To use P160 Polyurethane Release properly, apply a thin coating of this non-VOC formula to release a high volume of parts very quickly.
    • Flexible FoamM883 Poly Out Polyurethane Release is a solvent-based wax suspension for flexible mold foam. It gives the molded product an open-cell finish while reducing build-up on the molds.
    • Integral SkinM800 Polyurethane Release is ready to use and heavy-duty designed for low-temperature molding. Apply a thin coating for integral skin to release wholly and quickly.
    • PolyisocyanurateP229 Polyiso Release is optimized for polyisocyanurate insulation release. Insulation boards release fully when this product is applied to side plates and mold surfaces.

Rubber Molding Solutions Increase Tool Life

There is no doubt that rubber is a versatile material to manufacture a wide range of parts. Yet, its flexibility creates some production challenges since the compounds in rubber can damage mold surfaces. When you use Stoner Molding Solutions’ products, you can help protect the life of your molds.

We have different cost-effective solutions for natural and synthetic rubbers, with some suggestions on the list below. Talk with our experts today to find out which product is right for your manufacturing operation!

  • Rubber Parts – Use Stoner E436 Mold Release & Ejector Pin Lube as a general, all-purpose mold release agent for rubber parts. Parts can be post-decorated after molding, and this release agent improves mold efficiency.
  • BeltsG530 Rubber Belt Mold Release is the perfect mold release coating when you are manufacturing rubber belts. It allows the molded part to release cleanly while also protecting your mold.
  • Tire ReleaseTraSys 3000 Mold Release is a water-based release that prevents rubber parts from sticking to the mold and can function in high temperatures.

Thermoplastic Mold Release Items Reduces Post-Mold Downtime

The plastics industry creates essential solutions for many challenges in our world, like kitchen utensils, bottle caps, and more. And when you need to eliminate downtime before the parts head to a decorative step after molding, Stoner Molding provides paintable release agents. See our list below for some suggested products but give our experts a call for customized service!

  • Blow Molding – Use Stoner’s E313 Release and Paint when you need your plastic part to be painted after molding. This release agent provides quick and easy releases, time after time.
  • Extrusion Molding – Our most paintable release is E302 Rocket Mold Release, and it’s ideal for extrusion. It’s also food-grade, making it a great, versatile product for your molding processes.
  • Injection MoldingE342 Zero Stick Mold Release is a great choice when you need your food-grade product to be painted, plated, hot stamped, adhesively bonded, labeled, or otherwise decorated. E342 is also the best release in the industry for polycarbonate, making it a powerhouse in mold release agents.
  • Rotational MoldingTraSys500 High Temperature Mold Release is a water-based, semi-permanent mold release suitable for high heat and open-flame rotational molding. Products can be painted after the molding process without needing to clean the products first.

Talk with the Experts at Stoner Molding Solutions

As the leading mold solution experts, our knowledgeable team is ready to answer your questions and help you choose the right mold release agent for your industry and material. When you select the right Stoner products, you’ll increase your production time by eliminating sticking, improving the life of your tools, and reducing post-mold wait time before decorating.

Talk with an expert today at Stoner Molding Solutions to learn more about our mold releases, sealers, cleaners, and lubricants. We’ll help you choose the right products that allow you to get consistent, high-quality molded products each time. Shop online now to browse our full line of products!

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