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Why the Thermoplastics Industry Needs to Use the Best Mold Release Agent

Sep 8, 2021, 13:02 PM by The Stoner Molding Solutions Team
If you’re struggling with your thermoplastic parts sticking to your molds, causing more scrap parts and higher production costs, you need a solution to release your molded products consistently.

Finished products release easily and quickly from the mold with the right mold release agent.If you’re struggling with your thermoplastic parts sticking to your molds, causing more scrap parts and higher production costs, you need a solution to release your molded products consistently. Mold release agents from Stoner Molding Solutions are specifically formulated for the thermoplastics industry to get as many releases as possible from each application.

We understand how frustrating it is to lose time and money in your molding process due to sticking parts that can damage the mold itself. That’s why we’ve been creating molding solutions for the plastics molding industry for over 80 years. During that time, we have formulated both non-silicone and silicone mold release agents that help you save money, decrease defects, and reduce downtime.

How Do Mold Release Agents Work?

If you’re in the plastic molding industry, you likely already know how mold release agents work. Yet, you probably wouldn’t be here if your molding operations were running smoothly.

Like the ones we supply here at Stoner Molding Solutions, high-quality mold releases provide a barrier between the molding surface and the molded part. This barrier allows the finished product to be quickly released with no defects.

Stoner release products are superior to other brands because we formulate each to optimize your molding operations. If we don’t already offer the best solution for you, our chemists and engineers will work hands-on with your team to develop a custom solution to meet your needs. Talk to an expert today to see how we can help improve your processes.

Save Money in Your Thermoplastics Molding Operations

Today, the thermoplastics industry produces many parts consumers rely on, like kitchen utensils, plastic bottle caps, and packaging. And the market is expected to expand even more over the next 10 years, making it essential for thermoplastics manufacturers to optimize their processes now. Using the proper mold release product for your industry is one way to improve your manufacturing development.

Can of E436 Stoner Mold Release & Ejector Pin LubeWhen you don’t use a release agent or use one of lesser quality, the molded part adheres and becomes stuck to the mold. As a result, the part is ruined, costing you money in wasted materials and time. In addition, the mold itself could also be damaged, causing expensive repairs.

Instead, choose a product like Stoner’s E436 Mold Release & Ejector Pin Lube, which provides a long-lasting film for multiple releases per application. It offers fast, easy part removal from molds and is ideal for injection molding and blow molding. You’ll save money using this product by increasing molding efficiency, minimizing wasted parts and time, and improving the life of your mold.

Decrease Defects in Your Finished Products

Can of E342 Zero Stick Mold ReleaseA consistent surface finish is essential for your molding operations to succeed. To achieve this finish, using a superior mold release coating is crucial. The right release product will allow your molded parts to release wholly and quickly to optimize cycle time and decrease defects in your products. Additionally, you’ll achieve a consistent surface finish so your products can head straight to secondary applications, like painting or gluing.

Stoner’s E342 Zero Stick Mold Release is a great choice that provides a long-lasting, anti-stick film for fast, easy part removal from your molds. Just a light coating will produce consistent results that decrease defects and improve your bottom line.

Minimize Build-Up with the Proper Release Products

Another common problem in the plastics industry is product build-up on the molds. This build-up can cause sticking parts and cracks in your finished product. Plus, it costs extra downtime in your process because you need to clean the mold before continuing your operations.

Can of E206 Stoner Silicone Mold ReleaseWhen you use the proper mold release agents for your type of molding and material substrate, you can experience minimal build-up that requires cleaning. With the appropriate mold release, your mold will stay cleaner and last for years.

With Stoner’s wide variety of release agents, including both sacrificial and semi-permanent mold releases, silicone- and water-based releases, and much more, you’re sure to find the exact product you need to minimize build-up on your molds. Our most popular release is Stoner’s E206 Silicone Mold Release, which meets FDA regulations for food-contacting materials and is specially formulated for improving molding efficiency.

Reduce Downtime and Waste with Stoner Molding Solutions

Think of Stoner’s mold release products like using synthetic oil in your car. This option only needs to be changed every 10,000 miles, compared to every 4,000 miles with conventional oil. Thus, choosing the best oil—or mold release agent—is the better decision in the long run, saving you time, money, and effort by performing better than competitive products for a longer time.

Sticking parts, increased production time, finished-part defects, and damaging build-up on your molds costs you time, resources, and money. When you partner with Stoner Molding Solutions, you’ll get superior customer service and personalized recommendations to reduce your downtime and waste and increase your production of thermoplastic parts that release as they should.

To save your frustration and bottom line, you need the proper mold release solution for your business. Talk to an expert at Stoner today to learn how our quality products can improve your thermoplastic manufacturing process!

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