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Stoner Mold Cleaners Remove Difficult Build-Up and Improve Performance

Oct 11, 2021, 12:24 PM by The Stoner Molding Solutions Team
Innovative molders in the manufacturing industry know that a clean mold is an effective mold. If your current cleaning products aren't doing the job and causing unnecessary downtime, then it's time to re-evaluate which mold cleaners you use.
CUT mold cleaner from Stoner Molding sits in front of a clean injection mold.

Innovative molders in the manufacturing industry know that a clean mold is an effective mold. If your current cleaning products aren't doing the job and causing unnecessary downtime, then it's time to re-evaluate which mold cleaners you use.

Here at Stoner Molding Solutions, we make mold releases, sealers, cleaners, and lubricants to help you release more molded parts in less time. In addition, our mold cleaners are specifically designed to work fast and remove difficult build-up, allowing you to increase your molding productivity.

Clean Molds Improve Production Efficiency

Even if you use the best mold release products and sealers on the market from Stoner Molding, they will not be as effective on dirty molds. Molds need to be free of grease, oil, residual resin, and other contaminants for mold releases and sealers to work correctly. Also, a dirty mold can result in part discoloration or poor mold performance.

To improve production efficiency, you need to start with a clean mold. Before putting a mold into production, you should clean it—and then adhere to a regular cleaning schedule to prevent unnecessary downtime.

Household cleaners just aren't going to cut it in an industrial environment. That's why you need to trust the molding experts at Stoner for the best mold cleaners available.

Types of Mold Cleaners Available from Stoner Molding

For nearly 80 years, we have been making release products for molding companies. During that time, we have developed and distributed mold cleaners that have specific purposes, depending on the part being produced and the type of mold used. Our most popular cleaning products include one of the industry's only non-trichloroethylene, non-flammable cleaners, as well as non-chlorinated, citrus, and water-based, high pH varieties.

Stoner’s A497 Non-Flammable Cleaner for MoldsNon-Trichloroethylene and Non-Flammable

Stoner’s A497 Non-Flammable Cleaner for Molds is a powerful cleaning agent that removes grease, oil, and build-up without leaving a residue after drying. It’s one of the only non-trichloroethylene and non-flammable mold cleaners on the market.

It’s excellent for high-temperature molds, removes finger marks, and displaces moisture. Remove the mold from production and simply spray this aerosol onto the mold and watch as it dissolves oil and grease. It’s great for rubber and thermoplastic molding.

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Stoner's 93234 CUT Mold CleanerNon-Chlorinated

Our non-chlorinated cleaners, like our 93234 CUT Mold Cleaner, are powerful cleaners that dissolve build-up quickly, increasing your productivity time. CUT evaporates and dries fast, leaving no residue. This precision cleaner removes oil, waxes, inks, tar, and silicone oils from tools, equipment, molds, and more.

It's also environmentally friendly, as it contains no Class I (CFC) or Class II (HCFC) ozone-depleting substances, as defined by the Environmental Protection Agency. Use it for rubber or rotational molding applications. It's also great for cleaning molds before treating them with rust preventative.

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Stoner's A500 All Citrus Cleaner for MoldsCitrus Cleaners

For a natural cleaner for your molds, try our A500 All Citrus Cleaner for Molds. This product is best for in-cycle cleaning since it won't evaporate as quickly or leave marks on hot tools. The low-odor formula makes it safer than hazardous chlorinated solvents and fluorocarbon cleaners.

It's excellent at removing resins, carbon deposits, silicones, and contaminants from molds. Made entirely from highly refined extracts of citrus fruits, this orange-scented cleaner dries fast and works well to get rid of cross-linked, water-based mold releases.

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Water-Based and High pH

To save even more time, try a concentrated, water-based cleaner for your molds. Our A320 All-Purpose Mold Cleaner is a high-pH cleaner that quickly cuts through mold release, color, and resin build-up. Clean your mold while still on the spider by simply mixing the concentrate with water and spraying. This cleaner eliminates the need to send the part out to be sandblasted and emits no fumes for a safe work environment.

It's one of our best-selling mold cleaners with various uses, such as cleaning tires, rubber, whitewalls, wheels, engines, grills, plastic, and vinyl. Check out this video to see it in action!

Why Stoner's Products Are the Best

With various mold cleaners available on the market today, you may be wondering why you should choose Stoner's cleaners.

Simply put—our products work.

Our products are known for their superior performance and consistent quality, as indicated by our ISO 9001 certification. This award means that our products meet applicable regulatory requirements and work as intended.

With a high commitment to customer satisfaction, convenient packaging—from aerosol cans to 275-gallon bulk containers—and a no-risk guarantee, Stoner Molding Solutions is a favorite among professional molders. We also have engineers and chemists on staff that can help formulate custom solutions for your manufacturing process. Simply contact us to learn more.

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Stop losing time in your production process with molds that aren't performing as they should. Instead, clean your molds with Stoner Molding Solutions cleaners to allow mold releases and rust preventatives to do their job correctly. You'll release more parts in less time, increase productivity, and save money.

If you're interested in trying Stoner's products for yourself, request a sample today, and one of our experts will contact you shortly!

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