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3 Ways the Right Mold Release Agent Saves You Money

Oct 27, 2021, 15:12 PM by The Stoner Molding Solutions Team
The goal of any successful business is to make money, and the more money you can save while making your products, the greater your profitability. So how does an industrial molder save money and solve common production problems? They use the proper mold release agent from Stoner Molding Solutions.

A black set of car mats made of thermoplastic elastomer.The goal of any successful business is to make money, and the more money you can save while making your products, the greater your profitability. So how does an industrial molder save money and solve common production problems? They use the proper mold release agent from Stoner Molding Solutions.

For nearly 80 years, we have been on the cutting-edge of molding solutions for various industries. Our experts will even work with you to develop a customized solution to your production challenges that saves you time and money. By using the best mold release products on the market, you’ll increase your productivity, improve part appearance, and spend less time cleaning.

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1. Increase Productivity

One of the best ways to improve your molding operation and save money is to increase productivity. Suppose you have tried various techniques to improve productivity and finding it hard to do so without compromising the quality of your molded parts. In that case, you need to examine the mold release agent that you are using. High-quality mold releases will increase your productivity by helping you release more parts in less time while minimizing build-up on your molding surface. The proper mold release will also keep your mold in pristine shape, which we know is an essential asset to your company.

More Parts Released

When you can release more parts in less time, you can complete jobs quicker. Stoner Molding’s mold releases get into all the nooks and crannies of even the most complex molds, so you can ensure more parts get released that are defect-free. In addition, you can increase your productivity because you won’t have to spend as much time cleaning your molds.

Less Build-Up

Not only will you spend less time cleaning mold build-up when using products from Stoner, but you will also have less product transfer onto your finished part. Parts will often head directly to post-mold applications, like painting, bonding, or hot stamping. Preventing build-up means less staffing in maintenance areas and more focus on getting the finished part out the door.

For example, a leading filament winder of polyester and fiberglass tried Stoner’s TraSys® 9825 because they had issues with build-up on their mandrels. After switching, this company improved efficiency with no build-up on their mandrels, increasing the number of parts they produced between cleaning cycles. And since this release coating is ready-to-use, they saved time from mixing and money from maintaining the mixing equipment.

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2. Improve Part Appearance

The improved part appearance was another benefit the leading filament winder realized when using Stoner’s water-based release agent. Our mold release agents so effectively create a barrier between the mold and the molding material—especially when combined with a mold sealer—that we guarantee an improvement in your plastic, composite, polyurethane, and rubber parts.

Fewer Scrap Parts

Improvements in part appearance mean you’ll have fewer scrap parts. When your molded products are dependent on a release coating that effectively releases full details with fewer defects, bubbles, or sticking parts, you need Stoner Molding Solution’s products. Raw materials are a hot commodity lately, and we know that no one can afford to scrap parts.

Take, for instance, how Corvette America uses Stoner’s M883 Polyout Polyurethane Mold Release to create high-precision Corvette replacement seats that require less hand-detailing when using other products:

Our mold releases come in various formulations, including solvent-based or water-based, both available in a spectrum of release polymer chemistries. We offer concentrates and ready-to-use formulas so that you can choose the best mold release for your specific application.

Reduces Pattern Defects

Because our mold releases perform so well, it is no problem to use them on molds with detailed patterns. You no longer need to worry about pattern defects caused by sticking. Our reliable and consistent mold releases are formulated to ensure part-to-part integrity, allowing you to get more high-quality patterns in less time.

3. Saves Time

Finally, the third way our mold release agents can save you money is by saving time. We all know time is money, so if you can mold the same number of products in less time, you can produce more parts and ultimately improve your bottom line.

Less Time Spent Cleaning Molds and Molded Products

Our line of semi-permanent mold release agents adheres to the mold so that you don’t have to reapply the mold release after each molding cycle. In addition, Stoner’s products don’t build up on your mold surface like other mold releases or transfer to the molded part. So, you spend less time cleaning your molds and finished pieces.

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Isn’t it time you stop wasting money on mold releases that don’t work as well as Stoner’s release agents? Not only will you save time and money, but you’ll also increase productivity and improve part appearance. Your company’s bottom line will improve, ensuring company success for years to come. Find out how all of Stoner’s products will help your company save money by talking with one of our experts today!

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