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How to Improve and Protect Your Products with Mold Sealer

Dec 14, 2021, 12:09 PM by The Stoner Molding Solutions Team
If you get frustrated when starting up a new, green composite tool for the first time because parts are sticking, you aren’t alone! Of 524 individuals involved in fiberglass tooling operations, over 90% reported they stuck a part in a new mold at least once.

The mold for a boat hull arrives at a production facility.If you get frustrated when starting up a new, green composite tool for the first time because parts are sticking, you aren’t alone! Of 524 individuals involved in fiberglass tooling operations, over 90% reported they stuck a part in a new mold at least once.

Wouldn’t it be great to provide a protective, cured hard film on your tools that would serve as a base for your mold release and enhance the number of cycles before having to re-apply release? Luckily for you, Stoner Molding Solutions has developed a universal mold sealer that does precisely that. It’s made to pair with any of our mold release agents, allowing you to remove production challenges that kill productivity.

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Even the Smoothest Molds Have Imperfections

All molds, whether they’re new or old, have imperfections. For example, nickel-plated tools, which appear very smooth and shiny, can be a challenge from which to release resins due to high porosity.

Temperature changes in the product cycle can also cause small cracks to form. And, once again, the molding material can infiltrate those cracks and appear as defects on your finished product. Thus, your production team is wasting time remolding the same parts, wasting money by scrapping defective parts, and increasing their frustration.

That’s why you need to use a high-quality mold sealer, which imparts to your tool surface a hard, cross-linked, and cured finish that enhances the mold release applied on top of it.

Mold Sealers Ensure Your End Product Lacks Defects

For nearly 80 years, Stoner Molding Solutions has been developing products for industrial molding professionals to help ease their frustrations with sticking molds. We work closely with those on the frontlines of the industry to create products that allow you to release more products with fewer defects in a shorter amount of time. In addition to high-quality mold release agents and cleaners, our mold sealer is the best in the industry.

How KantStik Improves the Molding Process

A gallon container of P591 KantStick Mold Sealer.If this product sounds like the solution your molding operation needs, choose the best mold sealer. Stoner’s KantStik Sealer 1.0 is a polymeric coating for new or reconditioned tooling. It seals non-porous surfaces—like composite, steel, aluminum, silicone rubber, and glass—with a durable and resilient coating. Use it as a base coat for any sacrificial or semi-permanent mold release agent to impart a new, strong, and chemically resistant carrier.

Available in a one-gallon or five-gallon container, this universal mold sealer properly seals your mold, so you’ll use less mold release and still see the results you want—complete molded parts with fewer defects that don’t stick or create excess build-up. And not only that, but molders experience less frustration from not scrapping defective parts or dealing with sticking pieces on the mold.

Why a Major Marine Manufacturer Loves Stoner’s KantStik Sealer

There is no room for error when manufacturing special composite vessels for the U.S. Navy and Coast Guard. That’s why a major marine manufacturer uses KantStik Sealer 1.0 and FRP-SC—a premium semi-permanent mold release agent—to create precise molded parts in less time.

They use two coats of KantStik Sealer, applied 15 minutes apart by wiping it on the mold surface and leaving it on the surface to bond, with a final cure time of at least 30 minutes. Then, they apply a coat of this wipe on, leave on mold release, allowing a 30-minute cure time until there are four layers. The fifth coat of the mold release is applied and wiped off while still wet.

Their efforts are well worth the results! Not only is there no buffing required and no streaking, but this marine manufacturer was able to achieve 20% more releases in the same amount of time. Since the active ingredients bond to the surfaces instead of the towel, the release adheres to the tool and creates a finished product without sticking.

For the Best Molding Products, Contact Stoner Molding Solutions

When finding the best molding products for your company, look no further than Stoner Molding Solutions. Our range of products is proven to help you release your molded products without sticking. A thorough cleaning of the mold, applying our high-quality mold sealer, and finishing with the best mold release agents available improve your production process, save you money, and reduce operator frustration.

Our molding experts are standing by to provide you with customized solutions to ease all your molding headaches. We’ll work with you to find the right solution to your manufacturing process, and if we don’t already make it, our team of engineers will create custom formulations just for you! Get in touch with us today to see how we can help you meet your production requirements.

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