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Stoner RotoFlow™ Enhanced for Crosslinked Polyethylene

Nov 10, 2016, 10:11 AM by The Stoner Molding Solutions Team
Stoner RotoFlow™ Enhanced for Crosslinked Polyethylene
Stoner Molding Solutions Enhances RotoFlow™ Mold Release for Better Performance

Quarryville, PA (October 2016) –
Stoner Molding Solutions, the world’s largest manufacturer of rotational mold releases, announces the re-development of RotoFlow™ a high-efficiency mold coating for rotomolded polyolefin and nylon resins.

Stoner RotoFlow™ was released in 2015 as a flow enhancer to increase detail in rotationally molded polyolefin and nylon parts. Now the NEW RotoFlow™ is available in a larger 13oz size with a new formula that is compatible with crosslinked polyethylene.

crosslinked-polyethylene-molded-with-original-rotoflowcrosslinked-polyethylene-molded-with-new-rotoflowCrosslinked polyethylene molded with Original RotoFlow™ and Crosslinked polyethylene molded with NEW RotoFlow