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You know that rubber is one of the most commonly molded products, but knowing how to get the most out of your rubber molding production is another thing altogether. This industry is fast-paced and full of big and small companies looking for an edge. We’re here to give you that advantage over your competitors.

Rubber molding involves difficult demolding, cleaning caked-on grease and rubber waste, and carefully avoiding defective productions. Our products will help you make the most of every rubber molding cycle. Call us today and see the difference our rubber sealers, mold releases, cleaners, and other products can make.

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You need products that cover every step of the rubber mold product life cycle. That’s why we have a team of experts across the industry, from composites to rubber and other molding materials. This expertise has allowed us to produce one of the most robust and diverse inventories of molding products that support and enhance all kinds of molded product manufacturers across multiple industries and materials.



Treat Your Molding Equipment and Experience the Benefits

Whether you are new or experienced in the molding industry, we always suggest setting up a meeting with an expert to ensure you are getting the most out of our products. Every production line is unique, from your rubber's specific formulation to your end goals' exact needs. You don’t want to waste your time or money on products that won’t help you do your job, so let us help you find the perfect fit for your needs!

Call today, and we’ll help you find the perfect fit for your production and even provide a free sample so you can see the difference our inventory can make!

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Lead the Industries that Use Rubber Molded Goods

You might look outside your current industry for more opportunities when you have a well-stocked rubber molding production facility. We have rubber manufacturing clients in dozens of fields and want to help you establish yourself within this rich ecosystem.

Various rubber molded parts for automotive engines arranged in a display


Rubber is used to construct parts for personal vehicles of all kinds, including cars, trucks, SUVs, and more. Rubber molding companies commonly create engine mounts, gaskets, O-rings, door and window seals, and extruded tubing.

A flat roof created with extruded EPDM rubber roof tiles


EPDM, ethylene propylene diene monomer, is a synthetic rubber used extensively in roofing and home materials. This usage is thanks to the material’s superior heat, water, weather, and ozone resistance.

A medical professional’s hands in rubber gloves, manipulating a rubber medical sheet


Silicone rubber is commonly used in the medical industry as a body-safe material that is useful for tubing, gloves, and medical devices. This product is necessary for safe and effective procedures throughout the medical field.

A rubber hose laid out along a freshly planted field, with secondary branching hoses among rows of plants


Rubber is valuable in the food and agricultural industries in more ways than you might think. From harvesting equipment to food-safe containers, rubber-molded goods keep food on the table and facilitate safer consumption.

A view of a military tank focusing on the treads, with a transport vehicle and tires out of focus nearer the viewer


Rubber is used throughout military and safety products to reduce vibration, protect from metal-metal contact, and serve our troops. From tank treads to body armor straps, rubber is used extensively in Defense.

A pair of train seats with bright yellow head-rests and gray seat fabric with a black and yellow wavy pattern

Mass Transit

Rubber provides seals, bumpers, and tubing for trains, boats, and airplanes. From comfortable cabins to high-powered engines, the mass transit industry is full of the benefits of molded rubber products!


Types of Rubber Formulations Commonly Used

Dozens of rubber formulas are used across the entire breadth of the world market, each providing its own benefits. Each industry above likely uses multiple kinds of rubber, even in the same set of goods. When you are looking to expand into a new sector, look into some of these rubber materials to see if your production would benefit from introducing a new material:

  • Neoprene – A synthetic used in mold liners, gaskets, and household items.
  • Foam Rubber – Made with foaming to introduce air, creating a comfortable pillow-like texture.
  • EPDM – A synthetic rubber that is highly durable, electrically insulated, and resistant to ozone.
  • Elastomers – Highly elastic and viscous materials that are extremely flexible.
  • Silicone Rubber – a type of elastomer that is easy to sanitize and has high heat stability.


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Rubber is one of the most commonly used materials in modern life, along with plastics and polymers. Rubber-molded products are in constant demand and are constantly evolving. Staying current with the industry's rapid changes can be incredibly difficult. Let our experts help you stay up-to-date with the exciting changes and provide the latest and greatest advancements in rubber molding products.

Sealers, cleaners, and lubricants are all designed to give your rubber molding workforce the fastest and easiest experience possible. If you want to expand your materials repertoire, we can help with plastic, polyurethane, and composite molding! Don’t let simple problems like grimy or poorly sealed molds lead you to a struggling business. When you have production problems, we have the solutions!

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